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  1. Poor William at |

    Dave and Andy, 

    What a life-changing pleasure to meet you guys and to get to break bread together around Driftwood Johnny and Sarah Ruskey’s table! You guys rock! In listening to your well-articulated report of your adventures, life philosophy, hopes and aspirations and in being privy for two days to your genial affability and good will, I have been inspired to begin changing my life as well! Thank you guys for serving as a catalysts for change! You have left a footprint in this Man’s Delta! Vaya con Dios mis amigos! Billy Howell, a.k.a. Poor William

  2. Jo Hatch at |

    Brilliant! Love the article and I am so on your wavelength. How Do you fit in the training? Am trying to imagine which of the 25 journey’s I would love to do and how! Thank you for inspiring me, gambatte Jo

    1. Dave Cornthwaite at |

      Hey Jo. Sometimes there’s no time for training, but a casual first two weeks of an expedition will build up your strength and stamina, so as long as you’ve prepared well (mentally, more than anything) it’s all doable. So, which of the 25 have you decided on? 😉

      1. Jo Hatch at |

        Hi again….thanks for wise words, I still think about your comment about testing and teasing the boundries of comfort zone and it’s exactly what drives me – when I get the chance beyong family life, I even said the same in my ‘work in progress’ blog. My first journey would have to be something on water – row or kayak.

        1. Dave Cornthwaite at |

          If I can ever help, even if it’s just with some advice or motivation, just drop me a line Jo. Good luck!

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