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  1. Scott at | | Reply

    Is there any computer-based tool for setting up various screens with the layout of data fields as desired, or setup multiple bike profiles, etc. and then upload a configuration to the 910XT with all of those settings intact? Maybe a SportTracks plug-in or a tool directly from Garmin? I’ve had mine since May and I know that it is extensively user-configurable, but I abhorred what a chore it was on my FR305 so I haven’t even made an effort with the 910XT yet and have been getting by with the default screens. I know I’m being lazy about this, but I can’t believe Garmin doesn’t see how incredibly useful it’d be to have a utility which accomplishes this on a PC or Mac and then upload it with the ANT+ Agent. Thanks for any suggestions you might know of!

  2. Heather at | | Reply

    I only have run, bike, swim and other options on my 910xt…where do I find the multimode for triathlon?

  3. the5krunner at | | Reply

    It’s a perfect triathlon watch with all the metrics you need there are a couple of minor bugs as listed on my review and garmin forums. Garmin issue regular firmware updates

  4. Luke at | | Reply

    Hi, can you please tell me how you managed to configure your 910xt to scroll only through 2 screens? Mine scrolls through all 5 and I have no clue how to change this. The only other option I can see is to disable the auto scroll, but that’s not what I want. Thanks.

    1. admin at | | Reply

      Luke, the person who wrote this did it as a favor to me but I am going to ask our gear guy if he could help. Hopefully he will get right back to you.

  5. hanri at | | Reply

    Great watch, with real ‘attitude’. Big but stylish and very responsive / accurate. Love it

  6. TC at | | Reply

    are you able to help me with uploading data to my computer via my usb cable. My ANT stick snapped.

    When ever i try and upload via the cable it says no new activities found… and there are some there…


    1. admin at | | Reply

      TC, I wish I knew but I don’t. I will tell you that any time I have had a problem with my Garmin I look up the issue on YouTube. There is always a video that helps.

  7. Bernie at | | Reply

    Thank you so much for your advice below regarding 910xt not counting laps correctly for swimming indoors. I am training for 1500m swim in Nov 24th and over 60 laps 910xt was wrong by 3 to 5 laps, meaning I was swimming more than need be. I do open turns and lead with my left arm, by switching watch to my right arm 910xt records fine. I sent my 910xt back to Garmin they then sent me a new one but still the problem persisted (watch on my left hand) and I have been getting into a very heated debate with Garmin unable to resolve my problem…till your article below. Im a happy person now with a good watch both on open water 9gps) and indoors!
    ‘Garmin recommends being very consistent in your turns and also be sure to have the watch on the arm that you do not lead with. Since I usually lead with my left arm coming off the wall, I now have the watch on my right arm. The benefit is that it gives the watch an additional 1-2 seconds to stabilize and realize that you have just turned. This subtle change helped the accuracy of the lap feature greatly’.

  8. Stephen at | | Reply

    Could I get the same information from the swim mode, ie stroke rate, when paddling a kayak/ surf ski? Thanks

  9. Alexey83 at | | Reply

    A significant drawback that the clock does not show the heart rate during the swimming. Hopefully in the next model they fix it.

    1. soobrex1 at | | Reply

      This cannot be done with ANT+, only with BTLE which Garmin is not currently using.

  10. Tyrone at | | Reply

    i am wanting to get the 910xt but just want to know, is there a normal time mode, for when i am not training?

    1. eggman at | | Reply

      yes there is

  11. Stu at | | Reply

    How did you get temperature information to display on the watch? I didn’t think this model supported it.

  12. John Matthews at | | Reply

    Thanks for this review – it has really helped me as I was in the market for a Tri watch having migrated from bike only with my 705 Garmin Edge (which I love) to full Sprint distance Triathlons this year. I’ve done 4 now with 2 more to go and I will be investing in a 910XT at Christmas ready for next year. Thanks Mike – good job.

  13. Desmond at | | Reply

    check out the Magellan Switch Up, Mike. This is gonna knock the socks out of the 910.

  14. Tim at | | Reply

    This may seem a silly question, but does the unit tell the time and have the usual functions that you can expect from a sports watch, ie: time, date, alarm etc? Is the unit too bulky to wear as a normal watch when you aren’t training, or does it look chunky and cumbersome? Thanks 🙂

  15. Pete at | | Reply

    Nice review Mike. I’m just deliberating on buying the unit myself. I think it will get really confused with my swimming as i am terrible!
    I currently use a polar 800cx so doubt it is worth the upgrade yet.

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