Avoid the Dangerous Myth of Multi-Tasking| Learn 13 Ways to Build a Performance Pulse into Your Day

Jean Gomes

The role of being a leader is very demanding and the ways we handle the stress and strain of leadership need to change.

There has to be a better way to handle stress in life than building and managing lists of to do lists, having a better work ethic, being more efficient, developing more will power, working harder, etc.

I am a huge believer in tapping our reserves of potential. Most of the listeners of this show are achievers and do’ers and are looking to better their businesses, families, communities and themselves. This show will change your perception on what you are capable of.

I found an expert on this topic, Jean Gomes who is Chairman of The Energy Project and we discussed the work he and his organization are doing with leaders to transform old patterns of approaching work into healthier and better methods.

Jean has led the adoption of The Energy Project work in Europe and Asia Pacific, amongst a wide range of clients including Nike, eBay, Microsoft, Sony, Fujitsu, Goldman Sachs, Shell, Maersk, National Australia Bank Group, the BBC and Save the Children.

He has coached over 50 CEOs and senior leaders and worked with many dozens of leadership teams on strategy, leadership and innovation. He’s given keynotes to organizations including BT, Pfizer, Microsoft, Santander, Telefonica, Allianz, Deustche Bank, UK Sport and Allied Irish Bank.

Jean’s 30 years experience in organizational development gives him a unique perspective on the application of The Energy Project’s thinking and practice to enrich our clients’ cultures and people strategies.

Jean is the co-author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, Be Excellent at Anything which proposes a new framework of ideas for building organizations that can fully benefit from the value of their people.

There are 13 core items that you will learn from this episode:

  1. Learn the dangerous myths about Multi-taking.
  2. Learn what scientifically drops productivity by 25%.
  3. Learn what you have to do to avoid dropping your IQ by 10-15%
  4. Understand the importance of building a pulse rhythm into your work day/ schedule.
  5. Learn how to manage dips in your energy.
  6. Learn about the limits of human Will Power.
  7. Learn how to focus attention.
  8. How to bring the power of presence to your direct reports
  9. Learn how to drive up engagement in meetings by up to 40%
  10. Learn how to cultivate the bigger picture of how disparate items relate to each other by using the whole brain.
  11. Learn how to use practical Mindfulness approaches to handle stress in your work day
  12. Learn how to leverage 90 minute ‘sprints’ of activity in your day
  13. Learn how to build your capacity to handle overwhelming challenges

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The entire show notes are listed below.

Show Notes

  • The concept of Will [0:18]
  • “The real essence of willpower is not how much you have it’s how you use it” [1:02]
  • The real issue with managing willpower [3:04]
  • The Performance Pulse [4:06]
  • Recovery Strategies: Passive and Active Renewal [6:48]
  • “The techniques themselves aren’t new, what is difficult for people to do is to make them habitual in an incredibly demanding schedule” [9:20]
  • How do you convince someone that this is important culturally and individually? [11:28]
  • People who take a 90 minute break – A Global Study [12:44]
  • Bringing your left and right brain together [13:33]
  • Dispelling The Concept of Multitasking [15:42]
  • “Today the interruptions are coming primarily from ourselves” [17:17]
  • The 3 costs of multitasking [18:43]
  • The concept of Presence [20:23]
  • The effects of a lack of presence on the brain [23:52]
  • “When you don’t act on a behavior you get an incredible feeling called craving” [25:58]
  • Work/Life Separation [28:07]
  • “Organizations are great at starting things, they’re not great at seeing them through” [31:00]
  • Adjusting Meeting to improve Engagement [32:07]
  • What is an Engagement Score? [33:20]
  • “For high performers to feel that they’re victims to a situation is not good” [38:55]
  • “Stress isn’t the enemy, continuous stress is the enemy” [39:55]
  • The responsibilities of the CEO (Chief Energy Officer) [42:30]
  • The 4 dimensions of energy in the human system [42:58]
  • “Who am I, and what do I want?” [44:40]
  • A shift in consciousness: “People want to lead different from work” [49:53]
  • How to get in touch with Jean Gomes and The Energy Project [57:48]

I loved some quotes from his book: The Way We are Working isn’t Working

  • Cultivating the Whole Brain “Solving Problems with insight is fundamentally different from solving a problem analytically” 


  • “We can’t march relentlessly toward a near term goal and adopt a reflective big picture perspective at the same time.”


  • “It is not the Quantity of hours that determines our value, It is the quality and quantity of the energy we bring to whatever we work.”


  • “When we feel most under threat or overwhelmed we tend to behave in contradiction to our deepest values”

On a final note Jean discussed, Meaning and Spirit – Tactics are important but are just a simple tools. If you want a Universal lever to amplify the tools effects and bring true power to your endeavors, Jean discusses how you can wrap his techniques in a large wrapper of Meaning and Spirit. When done this way it gives velocity and power to your dreams. I agree.

For More Information about The Energy Project:

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