River, Power, Leadership, Family – Mark Kalch – Episode 6

Mark KalchI have been on a river before and was awed by its power and beauty during a rafting trip 2 years ago. I did this trip with my son and it was unforgettable.

Mark doesn’t have a pre-canned approach to helping busy mothers and fathers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, etc. What he shares, which I can deeply appreciate, is encouragement and a unique perspective he has gotten from life on the river.

Mark Kalch is at the apex of river adventures. He is right in the middle of an epic quest called 7 Rivers 7 Countries. So far, Mark in this quest has done the following:

You will learn in this episode:

  1. How you can book a solo family adventure on a river in Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Canada, Alaska  Options like: River camping, floating, fishing
  2. Why being on a river is a form of medicine
  3. Taking advantage of National Parks in the US
  4. Dispel myths about Russian people after the Vulga River adventure
  5. Importance of “disconnected” time with family
  6. How the heck he was able to walk across Iran? And what was it like to do this

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The entire show notes are listed below.

Show Notes

  • Was there a defining moment growing up that made you want to do expeditions? [2:39]
  • “If there wasn’t a single moment then all of my childhood was built around being outside in one way or another” [3:43]
  • How the river keeps Mark coming back for more [7:06]
  • 7 Rivers 7 Continents – Mark’s journey from source to sea of the largest rivers on all 7 continents [10:10]
  • “The only country I think, for me anyway, that could compare with the generosity, and the openness and the willingness help of the Russian people would, funnily enough, be the people of Iran” [12:38]
  • Seeing an expedition through to the end – how do you ignore the voices in your head telling you to quit? [15:01]
  • “If you are going to pull the plug on one of these trips, which can happen, then you better have a pretty good reason” [18:05]
  • Walking across Iran – A day in the life of Mark’s Iranian experience [18:49]
  • “To me now, Iran, it’s one of my favorite countries. The people, and certainly the geography of it as well. I would love to go back.” [23:54]
  • Which trip does Mark get the most questions about? [24:22]
  • What would you say to a group of 100 people to help them get an adventure started? [27:24]
  • Norm Miller – When do you experience growth from an expedition? In the thick of it, or afterward? [30:53]
  • The Enormity of what you have gone through on a personal level just, I guess, just starts kicking in once you’re back in the real world” [33:14]
  • How does Mark incorporate his family into his life of expeditions? [34:26]
  • “Being part of nature, being part of the outdoors, just like it benefits us as adults it benefits the kids tenfold” [38:08]
  • How to keep track of Mark and 7 Rivers 7 Continents [40:45]

No Limits Life is a show containing a mix of interviews with people who inspire me with their heroic Journeys, their fearless approach to living a ‘no limits’ life, and A commitment to integrating  all aspects of their life into inner and outer success.

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