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  1. Niall Iain Macdonald at |

    Thanks to Ann and the team at ‘Beyond Limits’ for featuring my challenge, much appreciated.
    I have entered NY2SY for the ‘Kukri Events Adventure Scholarship’. Whoever wins this scholarship could receive up to £20,000 to help fund their adventure, as well as kit, PR support and expert advice.
    The scholarship is very much about WHY the challenge is being undertaken, as well as what the challenge actually is. It will be decided partly on a short video and also by a judging panel. The number of votes my video receives will play a part in influencing the judges final decision (this is very important!).
    PLEASE take just 2 minutes to watch my NY2SY video (above) and then, if you think it’s worthy, register your vote via this link to the Kukri Events page:

    I’d also be very grateful if you would consider sharing the link with your friends.
    This scholarship could make all the difference.
    You can get more info about NY2SY on my website and on Facebook.

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