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Thoughts On The Laughing Heart

Thoughts On The Laughing Heart

Written by Ann Brennan A friend shared Charles Bukowski‘s poem – The Laughing Heart with me. Having just come out of darkness because of a family crisis he heard the poem and thought of me. Immediately I thought of Beyond Limits Magazine and the light it has been in my life. Even as we went through our crisis, I was… Read more →

Every Inch of the Way - A Book Excerpt

Every Inch of the Way – A Book Excerpt

In 2011, 26 year old cyclist, Tom Bruce, of Cheshire, cycled around the world. Tom’s journey took him from his front door, to France, then along the Danube through Europe. After picking up visas in Istanbul, Tom crossed the Caspian Sea, Central Asia then China, before flying to San Francisco to tackle the Southern States of the USA. Highlights of… Read more →


3 Tools to Create Innovative Ideas and Intra-preneurship | Some Must Reads for the Summer

Contents When is the last time that you had an innovative thought? 3 x  inexpensive tools to get your prototypes and ideas built and developed and sold from within your company 1 x Interview on Strategy and Innovation 2 x  Must Reads   I have been reading a great book recently called Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate… Read more →

I Talk To Strangers - Everyday Leadership

I Talk To Strangers – Everyday Leadership

Written by Ann Brennan I talk to strangers. Uninvited, I interject myself into other’s lives. There is no strategy to this. There is no bigger idea to it. I am just comfortable talking to strangers. On the bus, on a train, at the grocery store or in line at Starbucks I will strike up conversations with complete strangers. Dr. Phil… Read more →