Hello my name is Bill Murphy.

Welcome to my labor of love, A No Limit.Life.

I say this is a labor of love because it is a project that keeps calling me back. I started it in 2010 after a visit to the emergency room. I had put me, myself, and my big life dreams on hold as I was building my first business RedZone and starting a family. This came crumbling down; not my business, nor my marriage, nor my family, but me.

So I started rekindling the charge for what I really want to do which was to live a complete and fully engaged and integrated life; not a life that gets put on hold till I was too old to enjoy it.

I didn’t want to stop all that I was doing. I didn’t need to change my wife, the business, or a anything at all. What I needed was to engage and make sure that I remembered why I had started the business and this was for time freedom. The word freedom is a big word and I wrestle with it continually.

It is a word that conjures up all sorts of stuff that I believed I didn’t deserve for a bunch of Puritanical reasons. Maybe you can relate.

It has been a heroes journey of sorts….mmmm many sorts.

Early on I found that I was competent in getting businesses started. Sales and relationship building is my passion and so I own and run 4 businesses now employing around 22 or so full time people and a few part time as well.

What is most interesting, however, is not owning the businesses per se but building companies that are committed to being the best in the services we provide to customers that entrust their business to us. To build a company that holds relationship values sacrosanct and finding great people who share the vision of these values is a process and not a destination.

For me, life would not be complete without a vision for life that is fully integrated with fun adventures and experiences that really really stretch who I am.

This has been one of the hardest parts of the journey. It was missing early on in my life of business and I paid a price for it. The price was a physical, spiritual, and emotional price that manifested as I  ‘admitted’ myself to the emergency room in 2009. The cardiologist who ended up ‘clearing’ me performed endless tests. I was finally declared healthy.

However, as a dismissed me he said, “take a look at my waiting room,” (which was filled with 50,60,70 year olds) “you will be one of them unless you get your priorities in life straight….hypertension is the next stop for you.” I was 39.

Change for me was not radical. It has been hard to change, unhinging generations of beliefs has not been easy. Building a new life is a verb and not a noun. My experience has been that there is no right way or wrong way. I have had to feel my way through the dark, dismantling pernicious and negative beliefs along the way.

Some people feel totally complete and fulfilled with business success alone. Their identity is ‘business’ and this is fine for them, but it isn’t for me. For me there is physicality and a hands-on engagement, adventure, experience that is needed in life of which business success alone can’t bring.

This need to re-engage raw and natural experiences, taking the time and courage to experience the non-ordinary is what started me on this journey of exploring a “no limit life”. For me a no limit life is a hero’s journey. It is not easy and it is hard and at times it is very hard. The courage it takes is extraordinary, but this is what I signed up for in this life. When I am afraid or uncomfortable this is a good because I have learned that it is an indicator of growth that is needed.

I interview people on my podcast and blog so that I can remind myself of what it means to live a fully engaged, Fearless, and No Limit Life. Maybe it will do the same for you as well?

My hope is that you will receive inspiration and hope from these interviews and stories so that it will guide you and your decisions to live a life of meaning versus a life of comfort. As you listen to the podcasts and read the stories you will see this mix of internal and external struggle; sort of a tug of war between the ying and the yang. Comfort and discomfort.

If you are interested in what I have done so far on my own journey I have listed them below. I already mentioned some of my business and entrepreneurial pursuits. The adventure and fun is below.

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Topics I am covering over the months will cover experts in:

  • Neuroscience
  • Flow
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Health – Wellness
  • Business Ideas
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Collaboration
  • Inspiration
  • Creativity
  • Adventure Journeys
  • Introspection
  • Meditation, Mindfulness, Mysticism, Esoteric Philosophy


  • Business – see above and also go to Linkedin more descriptions of my entrepreneurial pursuits.
  • Between 2009 and 2011 – I started doing triathlons in 2009. I completed an Olympic, ½ and 2 full Ironmans between 2009 and 2011 (Kentucky and Wisconsin)
  • Tae Kwon Do Blackbelt
  • 6 x firewalker
  • Mindfulness MBSR completion
  • Thich Nhat Hahn – Plum Village France – 1 week retreat
  • BOSS – 7 day outdoor survival course
  • Paddleboard
  • Surfing 2014 – first time
  • Played around with a 1984 land cruiser from Colombia. It was very cool. Never should have sold it
  • Latest adventures – Kiteboarding
  • Yoga – Vinyassa and Yin
  • Travel soccer coach certs: NSCAA VI and ‘e’

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  1. Bob Samara at |

    Hey Murph I am so proud of you.

  2. Vero Geoffroy at |

    You should contact Solidream. These are 3 guys who just cycled the world for 3 years and who prove, one more time, that with trust and friendship, you can really go beyond limits.
    They are back in France now, they all speak a very good English and will be happy to be interviewed.
    You can contact them on my behalf. They deserve some publicity and they have super positive values to share.
    Morgan Monchaud
    +33 7 81 61 25 00
    I am sure you will love them!
    kind regards

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